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Deck Building Timeline

Approximately 7 weeks (Average) to 22 weeks (Extended)

Initial Contact (15 min - 60 minutes)

We'll start our journey with a conversation either via phone, email, or text where we delve into the details of your project. This initial discussion allows us to understand your vision, preferences, and requirements.

Please feel free to capture any pictures of the space that PRC will be transforming. Sending them via email or text would greatly assist in navigating our conversation and ensuring accurate planning and recommendations.

Budget Proposal or In-home Consulting (1 week - 2 weeks)

Depending on your preference, we offer two avenues:

Budget Proposal: We assist you in formulating a budget tailored to your project requirements.

In-home Consultation: This involves comprehensive discussions, sketches, and material sampling, allowing us to create a detailed plan aligned with your needs (design-build approach).

Contract Signing & Site Visit (1 day - 4 weeks)

This crucial step varies based on whether you opt for a budget proposal or in-home consultation.

For budget proposals, we delve deeper into your aspirations before finalizing the design contract.

If you've undergone an in-home consultation, we proceed to formalize the contract, ensuring all details are accounted for.

Drawings (2 - 16 weeks)

Every deck building project includes 2D drawings; optional 3D renderings are available.

For in-home consultations, this step is seamlessly integrated.

Budget proposals progress to this stage post-contract signing, ensuring a clear visualization of the project scope.

Permits (2 days - 4 weeks)

Obtaining permits is an essential step in the process of any deck or renovation. We handle the entire permitting process on your behalf to ensure compliance with local regulations and building codes.

Material Sampling (1 - 8 weeks)

For budget proposals, we bring samples to your home for your approval, streamlining the decision-making process.

In-home consultations encompass material sampling as an integral part of the initial planning phase.

Material Ordering (1 week - 16 weeks)

Upon finalizing selections, we initiate the procurement process.

Material Delivery (1 week - 4 weeks)

We commence your project only after acquiring and inspecting all materials. Please note, while we strive to inspect materials thoroughly beforehand, some items may require installation for full evaluation.

Once confirmed, we schedule delivery and establish a project start date.

Inspections (1 day - 3 weeks)

Throughout the construction process, various inspections may be required based on the scope of the project. While these inspections are crucial for ensuring compliance with building codes and standards, they typically do not result in significant downtime. However, they may occasionally lead to minor interruptions in the workflow.

Our team remains vigilant and proactive in coordinating with inspectors and staying abreast of current building codes. By maintaining open communication and staying informed, we mitigate potential delays and strive to minimize any impact on the project timeline.

Completion of Your Project (3 days to 8 weeks)

We commit to a seamless transition from material delivery to project completion.

Our team ensures consistent progress without unnecessary delays.

Additional Note:

Despite our proactive approach, unforeseen circumstances like shortages or hidden project issues may arise. We recommend maintaining a contingency timeframe of 25% - 30% to accommodate such potential delays.

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