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Our Process: Crafting Your Dream Home

Our Process: Crafting Your Dream Home

Phase 1: Get In Touch

Ready to bring your dream home to life? Contact us now! Share your vision, and attach any pictures to help us understand your renovation aspirations.

Phase 2: Phone Consultation

Let's discuss your project in detail. We'll delve into your expectations and schedule an in-home consultation. For smaller projects, we'll offer a preliminary budget proposal to get things moving.

Phase 3: In-Home Consultation

We visit your space, taking measurements, and visualizing your project. A fee covers this on-site visit, often credited toward your overall project cost. Smaller projects may skip this phase.

Phase 4: Signing The Contract

Together, we review the contract, ensuring alignment on project details. Your ideas shape our evolving contract, accommodating your exact dreams and preferences.

Phase 5: Designing Your Space

Material samples or 3D renderings aid in finalizing designs. Budget proposal projects receive curated samples and designer ideas for your feedback and approval.

Phase 6: Drawing & Permitting

Following design approval, we initiate the drawing phase. Our team prepares detailed drawings and handles the necessary permits, ensuring compliance with local regulations and codes. Some projects may skip this phase.

Phase 7: Material Delivery

We drop off materials, coordinating storage options according to your convenience and project requirements.

Phase 8: Protecting The Home And The Site

Prioritizing cleanliness and safety, we implement drop protectants and floor coverings to contain any potential messes. We offer construction containment & dust management for all projects.

Phase 9: We Get To Work

With approved designs and aligned expectations, our skilled team begins construction. Detail-oriented and attentive, we address any concerns, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

Phase 10: Post-Job Walkthrough and Review

Before completion, we conduct a final walkthrough, showcasing all upgrades. Your satisfaction is paramount before you embrace your transformed space.

Phase 11: Follow-Up

Your happiness matters long-term. We schedule follow-ups at 30 days, 6 months, and 1 year post-project completion, ensuring your space continues to meet and exceed expectations.

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